Monday, 2 May 2011

+25 headshot.

Little Bulletstorm Reference there to the head shot skill-shot, (played demo earlier, t'was fun)
Anyway... Osama Bin Larden was announced to have been killed By US troops this morning.
Ok, you've killed an old man with little to do with anything that might of stood on the sidelines of some of the 21st centuries Biggest news stories.
 Ok... So he started off a terrorist war. He still is a Man... In a cave, Infact he was in a mansion not to far away from Pakistanis capital...
Hello? USA... let me kill hundreds of people and hide under the desk in the oval office, and give you video updates every so often and then take 10 years to find me, by which time I've been in hiding for so long that the Extremist community has forgotten who I am, I'm not packing a walky talky for god sake.

On the other hand..
Congratulations! you killed the most wanted man in the world!
Infact you blew him up, took a photo and posted it on google, (search it yourself).

Unless your A Republican, in which case it was a "nazi alien anti-goverment wikileak-writing assult that never happened because its a government cover up" ...Note: they thing SARAH PALIN Would make a good President.

Also something Somebody on the minecraft forums pointed out... he looked like a happy fello.
but anyway, Osama was born into a large family, A rich father and helped out afganistan against the russians, Probably where he Became all anti-outsider.
But hey...
Is he so different? I mean the EDL hate Foreigners..
the Irish hate the English, the English hate the French, the French hate the Germans, Europe hates american, america hates Asia, Nobody hates Australia becuase its too insignificant

Anyway Just to mess you up more:

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