Saturday, 30 April 2011

Doctor Who

I hear quite often that Doctor Who has gone down hill since David Tennet left. Well, Its not all his departure that made it bad.
its those dam writers.
I mean I love Doctor who, and its great to watch and everything. But, the story lines are just way to wild and wacky theses days, I mean Aliens that can erase your memory? really? thats not even Remotely possible or believable. And who's to say they all wear suits and look like the classic alien?  more importantly, why did we never find out who they where, why they wanted earth so bad, why they controlled humanity etc etc etc. it just ended. I mean?
And why the hell could none of them atleast get a shot anywhere near? they just liked to shoot their own s*** for fun.
not to be a downer (I'm sure there is a better way to word that) but C'mon... Really? and wtf is it with this river stuff? even i remember that episode with the world library when Doc. River came into it all... and note how he knew nothing about her then and yet they still making a fuss about it.
just get on with it! stop possibly inpregnanting the ginger and get down...
shesh its starting to sound like a brothel in their... Well it is bigger in the inside (thats what she said!).
Also, what the hell why does it look like a Spa now? anyone else notice the wooden panels inside the tardis?

I mean the episode was great and anything...
really? I mean the series ending was cool, but not as Gripping as David Tennets ending when he Dumped whats-her-face in another dimension.

Wait a second, Inpregnating amy? LUCKY BOY! (jokes)

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