Saturday, 30 April 2011

I'm home

Ok so last night I got home at about 12:30ish (I think.) The night was OK...Not particularly interesting.

Anyway I got up about 5 mins ago (around 10:20). Did my daily routine of checking twitter, Forums and Facebook. And I found this,

Yep. Thats the royal wedding. And a creeper.
One can Only Imagine what is going on in that police Man's Officers (Cant be sexist theses days, D:) head....
something like
"Wtf? This little s**t is totally making a fool out of me. i was expecting the IRA or  the taliban to Jump out and throw some of their own s**t at us, or a riot or something.
But no, im stuck here...
with a peaceful wedding...
and a nerd...
with his cuddly toy..."


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