Thursday, 28 April 2011

First Post! (kinda)

Ok so this is my First (proper) post, And sadly its not very funny... in fact its rather grim.
its about a dream I had last night, I did try to mention this at school but seems nobody listens Or perhaps they Cant hear me. Either way gives me reason to write about it here.

So anyway this dream,
It started of with a young boy aged 13, his eyes opened to see that he was on a ship wreck in the middle of an un-naturally calm sea. His Dad was next to him wearing a green shirt and a Jumper, the man said "Son, How far are you prepared to go to save your own life?" Ofcourse the son didn't reply and was confused for a short while. Till the father spoke again, "Theres a Shark swimming around", This confused the young boy further as there was no movement or noise from the lifeless body of water. "here, take this" said the father, handing him a 9mm pistol, Then, a Large black fin appeared some 15m away from the wreck, which the boy noticed to be of an old sailing boat. the fin of the shark started towards the boy, its Large black head arose from the still water, It opened its Mouth accelerating towards the boy. At which point he lifted his pistol and opened fire, hitting the beast in the mouth and head. it sunk back into the now bloody water, He turned to his dad. He'd vanished. Frantically he looked from side to side in search of his father. He looked down again to the water, at which point he saw his father, floating near the wreck, dead. a 9mm bullet hole in his head.

there is only one thing that can be said about this blog, 

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