Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hello there! And welcome to my New blog, this blog will probably contain much of the following;
-Stuff about my personal life (I.e school.)
-Random things from the interwebs
-possibly Reviews or thoughts on things (such as films etc)
-many spelling/gamma errors

How is this blog different from my last one?
Well it will be a combination of All the things I have tried on many blogs rolled into one. Otherwise, it wont really.

Why "Two Story Algia"?
Well after straining away at the computer shouting at people for being rather unhelpful, I realised this Name was staring right at me (In a way,) by this I mean it was the title of a Certain Thread on Also It sounds Cool.

[Edit]: Btw, the background is A Minecraft texture (brick) just spammed all over the place.

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